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hey! my name is

Iqbal Samin Prithul

Electronics | Robotics | 3D Printing | Aviation

About me

A maker at heart and aspiring engineer hailing from Bangladesh, fueled by a passion for embedded electronics, 3D printing, and robotics.

I enjoy making things with what I already have.

From a young age, I have had a passion for creating and building projects. I began experimenting with electronics, building simple circuits on breadboards, and eventually progressed to more advanced projects like 3D printing and robotics.

 I enjoy sharing my creations with online communities and helping others who share my interests. I started working with Arduino in 2015 and have since built my own 3D printer. I am constantly learning and expanding my skills in areas such as circuit design and parametric 3D modeling.

Things I do

I do everything that falls in between these lines.


I've been passionate about electronics since I was a teenager. Starting with mini 555 timer circuits and moving on to embedded electronics and IoT projects using microcontrollers like ATmega328 and ESP32.

3D Printing

I've always been fascinated by 3D printing and the videos of 3D printer builds on YouTube. Although I had never had access to a 3D printer or even seen one in real life, I managed to build my own. I'm also an expert at the Marlin firmware.


If you are into robotics, it's easy to become friends with me. 😉
I started with simple obtacle avoiding and line followers, and eventually made a self driving car robot that got me the third place at World Robot Olympiad 2022.

Social Works

I always try my best to give back to society by doing various volunteering social works and joining various communities. And as an AFSer, I am always focused on building myself up as a Global citizen.


Embedded electronics (Arduino, Espressif MicroPython)
3D Modeling (Autodesk Inventor, Fusion 360)
3D Printing (Hardware & Firmware, FDM, SLA, SLS)
Content Writing (SEO)

My Experience


R&D Specialist

Working as a research and development engineer part-time. Worked on building an IoT device for a leading steel rod manufacturing company in Bangladesh.


3D modeling engineer and Firmware specialist

Working on building a cooking robot! My work mostly consists of 3D modeling, solving design problems, configuring our firmware with new design iterations and occassionally designing small circuits.


Working as communications officer for over a year with Cyber Teens Foundation. Represented the organization at SYNC Digital Wellbeing Summit 2022, Saudi Arabia.


Hack Club

Hack Club Leader

Leading a Hack Club - an online coding club consisting of high schoolers interested in coding. Conducted weekly meetings for over 5 months and created fascinating projects together.

Exchange Student

Living in Japan for 7 months as a cultural exchange student under the Japanese Government scholarship program Asia Kakehashi.

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